Testimonials for Kerri Schmidt

"Thank you Kerri for all the advice and information you have given us over the years."

L. Vervaet – Maple Ridge, BC

"Your interest in improving certain aspects of our health that needed attention was greatly appreciated. The knowledge and resources that you have passed along have definitely made a huge improvement to our well-being. Thank you so much."

R & M - Maple Ridge, BC

"Kerri was thorough and professional in every regard. She communicated efficiently to help resolve my issues and I appreciate her patient and dedication to achieving a positive outcome. I highly recommend her services."

K. Moon - Maple Ridge, BC

"Kerri, I have noticed such a difference in our daughter. Her tantrums have significantly reduced in severity and frequency. I find it incredible. I know it’s only been 10 days but I can’t wait to see what the new normal will be. I can’t thank you enough!"

Ayesha - Vancouver, BC

"Thank you Kerri for not giving up on me. I am now 90% and feeling really good. When I used to tell my doctor how rough I was feeling, he would just look at me and not know what to do at all. I will never forget what you did for me that so many people could not. Thanks again and again for all of your help."

Garry - Harrison Hot Springs, BC

"Thank you Kerri for the excellent consultation.   I felt you have consolidated all of the information that I have been reading on so many sites and in books.   As I pair all of your information with the effects/changes that I see in all my children going gluten free, I am inspired and determined to try the nutritional path.  Thank you for your passion and commitment to sharing your knowledge."

Melanie – Maple Ridge, BC

"Kerri is a committed, knowledgeable and experienced practitioner who understands the range of tests and treatments to help get your kids well.    She is a joy to work with and I appreciate all that I have learned from her.  Thank you Kerri!"

Marc Boutet, ND – Salmon Arm, BC

"Kerri is one of the most understanding and focused professionals we have connected with in regards to our son.  I consider our family very lucky to have found her.   Kerri has a way about her that gives one comfort.  She knows her stuff and she cares.  During our consultation, Kerri made sure we understood the information she provided and organized a plan on how to do what she suggested.   We have learned so much from our sessions with her, and we still continue to contact her when we have questions.  I would highly recommend her to any parent or family seeking nutritional or dietary guidance for their child as she has been instrumental in the improvements we have seen in our son’s health and development."

Lisa – Kelowna, BC

To inquire, please e-mail TheStartingPoint@shaw.ca
or call Kerri Schmidt @ 778-241-1951

Focusing on Nutrition for Autism and ADHD

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