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Kerri Schmidt, R.H.N.

Kerri Schmidt

Welcome to my website. I am a nutritionist with a special interest in children’s health.   Located in Maple Ridge, BC, I consult with parents and families helping them find nutritional solutions to common childhood ailments.   From chronic ear infections to autism, I create individualized nutritional programs that focus on simple dietary interventions, targeted nutrients and key lifestyle strategies that work towards improving our children’s health.   And while food and nutrients form the basis of my work today, they haven’t always been at the forefront of my life.

Initially, I began my career in healthcare working with medical information at the hospital level. In 2005 however, my life changed unexpectedly when my 2 year old son became unwell. Over the next several years, I immersed myself in the field of diet and nutrition for children in order to regain his health.

In 2012, I went back to school and undertook an intensive program in Natural Nutrition so I could pursue my passion for helping others. Shortly after graduating, I created ‘The Starting Point’ which provides support, guidance, and hope to families of children struggling with health issues. My current knowledge now spans over 12 years of research and experience. I attend conferences and seminars regularly to stay current with the latest science, including training with the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs.

Over the years, I have learned that nutrition is the key to many of the underlying health conditions facing children today. Sleep issues, picky eating, and constipation all have connections with the foods we eat and drink. Autism and attention deficit disorder have links as well. Even asthma and allergies involve nutrition at some level.

Parents working with me often report many improvements in their children, including the following:

  • Improved digestion
  • Increased language skills
  • Reduced hyperactivity
  • Decreased aggression
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Reduced constipation
  • Increased appetite
  • Improved socialization
  • Less rash and eczema
  • Better eye contact
  • Increased ability to learn
  • Better attention

Passionate about what I do, I enjoy teaching families the hidden links between food and health. No matter what the diagnosis, parents will learn that targeted nutrition and dietary guidance can make a difference. If you are looking to improve your child’s health, and need a place to start, then give me a call.

Inquiries: TheStartingPoint@shaw.ca or call Kerri Schmidt @ 778-241-1951

Focusing on Nutrition for Autism and ADHD

The Starting Point is dedicated to those parents whose concerns about their child went unheard.
It is dedicated to the thousands of children whose medical care stopped at a diagnosis.
And it is dedicated to all the families who believe their child can get better but don’t know the way.